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Clifton Homes




The award-winning property developers, Clifton Homes, based in Ghana’s capital city of Accra, recognize that savvy clients don’t just want a beautiful home, but an investment that makes sound commercial sense. Too often homebuyers in central Africa face the need to compromise when buying a property. Factors such as market dynamics and unreliable suppliers mean they must sacrifice on either location or quality to purchase a property they can afford. 

Our homes present buyers with the opportunity to own a stylish, high-quality home in a central location, at competitive prices.  Market leading payment plans make the investment even more affordable. This offer also translates to a high yield investment opportunity for buy-to-let investors.

Clifton Homes recognise that savvy clients don’t just want a beautiful home, but rather, that their investment also makes sound commercial sense ; either by optimising their capital, future asset appreciation or yield high rental returns. With price points well below the market average, Clifton Homes offer market leading prices in some of Ghana’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.  These competitive price points help home owners optimise their capital and reduce investment risk.  For buy-to-let investors the combination of low capital outlay and prime locations (with high tenant demand) drives excellent rental yields. 

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