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Canary Villas (Tatweer housing company)



Tatweer Housing is a Saudi real estate’s experience that emanates from a close monitoring of the local market and its requirements in the housing sector. It came out with plans that meet those requirements according to a new understanding inspired by our national urban heritage and keeps up with modern times, creates harmony between architecture and the surrounding environment, taking into account the availability of aesthetic and functional sides in residential complexes established by the Company in the most affluent neighborhoods and unique geographical sites in addition to high standard utilities.

The Company, one of the holding Development companies, in its more than 20 years of experience, made use of the favorable investment atmosphere offered by the Saudi government to the private sector in various fields, including real estate and housing sector.

In its career, Tatweer Housing depends on human element as a top priority, as it is the most important element for the success of any project. In this regard, the company recruited a significant number of the most qualified and experienced staff, which works with a team spirit and is capable of innovating new visions and adopting brave initiatives that represent quantum leap in the housing sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tatweer Housing won the trust of its customers by committing itself to high standards and values of transparence, trust, and international specifications, keeping promises and implementation of projects in time of delivery.

Tatweer Housing won good reputation and positive impression in the minds of its customers due to its capability to meet their different desires, and that promotes the Company’s competitiveness and enhanced their awareness of the criterion of quality that should be adhered.


No doubt that the most important objective of the Company is to promote the professional real estate work at the Kingdom’s level and keep up with trends of housing architecture that achieves best exploitation of areas, offer high degree of luxury and comfort for customers and preserve environment from any pollution or distortion.

In order to keep up with time and renewal, Tatweer Housing was keen to enter into alliances and partnerships with a number of pioneer international companies that work in the field of real estate. Our company also exerted great efforts in exchanging experiences with these companies in order to gain new ideas and innovative visions to apply to its own projects aiming to be more modern and meet the requirements of market demands in terms of quality, designing and engineering implementation that fulfill client’s trust and confidence.

Tatweer Housing feels so happy to participate in this global Forum that celebrates architecture, and exchange our experience with the best specialized companies, to renew our vision and develop our capabilities for the sake of innovative performance that satisfies our customers and raises their awareness of aesthetic values of architecture. This represents an important factor in the culture of any community and its civilization and stands a proof for that community to absorb any new and innovative breakthrough in the deeply rooted heritage of tradition without any contradictions.

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