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Bosba Property Co., Ltd




Bosba Property Co., Ltd has recently been awarded by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards in category: Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Cambodia in 2022.  Bosba Property Co., Ltd. aims to provide the best home and leisure living experience to its clients. The team consists of exceptional property developers – to them, the building isn’t simply about creating a structure rooted in a foundation. It’s about creating a home where you can invite friends, family, and love alike. The team invests their expertise and resources to ensure they build a home that integrates the best infrastructure, modern technology, and a dazzling interior and exterior that promises comfort and tranquility. Their ability to develop affordable, good-quality residential properties that provide a high level of comfort, is what sets them apart from their competitors. 

By 2018, the property group developed up to 89 residential flats with a total cost of six million USD, which earned investors’ trust in the company. They are independent developers with a healthy cash flow, and the capacity to develop projects worth 5 million USD. The company encompasses its core values and has excellent marketing, branding, partnerships, professional development strategies, modern houses, and trendy lifestyles, and engages and partners with big banks in Cambodia.

“Our team offers an experience like no other and is truly dedicated to making our client’s property dreams come true. This global recognition fits into our future plans as we continue to grow on a global scale,” said Chheang Roth, Chairman of the Board, Bosba Property Co., Ltd. 


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