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Bellevue74 by MERYN + Partner Bauträger GmbH




Bellevuestrasse 74 offers an incomparable, wide-open panoramic view. Those who are intimately familiar with the most beautiful spots in the world, rank this location among the world’s top addresses. It is the ideal location to enjoy the luxury of residing in the suburbs and still have the convenience of being close to the city centre. The epitome of comfort is defined by the architectural aesthetic, the sustainable building materials, and the premium quality finishes. An exclusive Concierge Service, tailored to your individual needs, provides the ultimate luxury experience.

Two modern luxury developments (A, B) available with 9 high-quality residential apartments from 50 to 250 m² and a family villa (C) with more than 430 m². The design of the open space has been meticulously considered when planning walkways, lighting, and variations in elevation of the landscaped grounds surrounding the development. Each development can be individually accessed.

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