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3SI Immogroup




Specializing in the revitalization and development of Zinshaus (traditional Viennese apartments) and historic property, 3SI Immogroup is a Viennese family-owned business that boasts over two decades of successful operation.

Based in the heart of Vienna, Austria, 3SI Immogroup places great importance on preserving Vienna’s historical heritage, while constantly exploring new avenues and welcoming innovation. In addition to refurbishing historic buildings, their expertise expands to developing new construction, actively contributing to the sustainable creation of modern living spaces, as well as land acquisition.

Owned by the Schmidt Family, 3SI Immogroup had, by 2018, distinguished their portfolio of period property as among the largest in Austria and Vienna and subsequently established themselves as one of Vienna’s most successful Real Estate Developer who ‘stand for tradition and dare to have vision’.

Their outstanding network and extensive portfolio give clients access to the most exclusive property investment opportunities in the most sought-after districts of Vienna, as well as other attractive suburban areas in Austria.

With a strong belief that what was built generations before them should continue well into the future, the 100% family-owned 3SI Immogroup is a multi-award-winning property developer nonpareil that continues to break records and boundaries alike.

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