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RE/MAX of Southern Africa

About RE/MAX Worldwide and RE/MAX of Southern Africa

Established in Denver, Colorado in 1973, RE/MAX is recognised as one of the leading international global real estate franchise companies with the most productive sales force in the industry. RE/MAX has over 130,000 agents operating in over 110 countries and territories worldwide.

RE/MAX of Southern Africa, which was founded in 1994, is regarded as the pioneer of the RE/MAX international expansion as it was the first country franchise to be sold outside of North America. Locally, RE/MAX has over 2,700 agents operating from over 160 offices and licensed in 5 countries in Southern Africa. The brand also has its very own luxury division called The RE/MAX Collection. To view high-end listings, visit: https://www.theremaxcollection.co.za/

To position the company for continued growth in all markets in the next 20 years, Z Capital Properties (Pty) Ltd, a prominent black empowerment company, has purchased a 45% ownership interest in RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

RE/MAX of Southern Africa remains the largest real estate brand in the region. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.


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