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DAHLER & COMPANY Franchise GmbH & Co. KG




DAHLER & COMPANY is a premium real estate agency specializing in luxury real estate brokerage services in the most sought-after locations for nearly three decades. The company was founded in 1993 by Kirsten and Björn Dahler, who established the fundamental values that have guided the entire team through the years. Today, the DAHLER & COMPANY team consists of more than 400 professionals in more than 80 brokerage offices in Germany and Spain.

One of the basic principles of DAHLER & COMPANY is honesty, which creates trust between team members and customers. In every decision, DAHLER & COMPANY specialists are guided by another value – responsibility that goes hand in hand with caution and integrity in all actions. In dealing with each other, with clients, and with business partners, each DAHLER & COMPANY member is guided by the principle of respect and consideration. And, of course, outstanding professionalism and a constant desire to improve market expertise are what make DAHLER & COMPANY one of the industry leaders.

The exquisite combination of these values gives clients the confidence that they have a reliable partner with deep local market knowledge to represent their interests in real estate and exceed their expectations.

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