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Groundwork Architects & Associates Limited




Company Name: Groundwork Architects & Associates Limited

Selected Category:Luxury Public Services Architecture

Location: Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Company Website: www.groundworkarchitect.com


Project Website: https://www.groundworkarchitect.com/portfolio_page/shenzhen-kings-kindergarten/

Project Brief Introduction:

A kindergarten is a place where a person initially joins a social environment and becomes a member of society. It is the place where children begin to learn to get along with one another, learn about discipline, etiquette, build a collective consciousness, and develop their sense of self awareness.

Architecture is a form of Spatial Art. A space allows people to perceive emotions, desires, and store memories. As an architect, our mission for the kindergarten and its landscape is to add richness to the beginning of children’s’ lives.

At present, the society has often overemphasized the value of visual impact, which consequently affecting the design focus on over dramatizing the visual effect of spaces. If architecture is represented as a fish tank, people inside will be the fish, but the most vital element is the water body that stands between the fish and the tank. The water, representing the sense of touch, acoustics, smell and taste are oftentimes neglected. Our belief is to bring these elements back into the design, for users to experience comfort and joy in a space, and consolidating these experiences as memories that can last for a lifetime.

We hope King’s kindergarten is perceived as the ‘water within the fish tank’- a stimulating and comfortable learning environment that focuses on respecting children’s natural instincts and desires, where they can grow up with fond memories of their childhood.

Completion DateAugust 2020

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