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ern+ heinzl Architekten



ern+ heinzl Architekten is an Architecture firm based in Switzerland that was founded in 2000 by founders Christiane Ern and Simeon Heinzl.

Maintaining that “architecture is more than just filling a space”, ern+ heinzl Architekten has completed an array of projects, creating spaces where people feel comfortable.

ern+ heinzl Architekten value a partnership style of work as it allows for reciprocity and exchange – together with their team and with customers. Their office operates between the Swiss office and the Düsseldorf university, which allows for flexibility.

ern+ heinzl Architekten believes that architecture is like its own language, and has its own vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Architecture has the ability to communicate with the place, with time, and with people, and architecture is only successful when the conceptual design is translated correctly and brings the individual components together into a holistic language.

The winning project, entitled Derendingen Mitte, was completed on the 4th of July, 2022. Situated in the city of Derendingen, the work is a new construction and extension of the village center with a school, kindergarten, triple sports hall, multi-purpose hall, auditorium, stage, catering facilities, office space, and parking garage.

ern+ heinzl always integrates sustainability into their projects along with implementing modern technical equipment and resource-saving construction.

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