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Best Real Estate




Established in 2016, Best Real Estate reigns supreme as the epitome of luxury in Croatia’s coastal realm, spanning from Istria to Dubrovnik. With an esteemed membership in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the largest business network in the Republic of Croatia, Best Real Estate extends beyond mere property offerings. They curate an exclusive experience, from the initial contact to the seamless closure of a sale, and even beyond. 

Clients are enveloped in a world of opulence, receiving bespoke recommendations for a spectrum of supplementary services that enrich their acquired properties. Interior design, medical services, construction marvels, legal expertise, and more are seamlessly orchestrated through Best Real Estate’s handpicked partners. Their prowess in mediating extraordinary transactions is evident, with remarkable feats such as brokering the sale of a breathtaking, 2.2-million-euro apartment in the idyllic town of Zadar. 

Not confined solely to residential marvels, Best Real Estate entices the discerning investor with an array of opportunities, including marinas, prestigious hotels, and lucrative capital investments. Their commitment to excellence transcends conventional boundaries, ensuring meticulous control and coordination with esteemed law and notary offices, certified architects, accomplished surveyors, distinguished civil engineers, and seasoned tax advisors. 

To bestow a sense of security and elevate the experience to unprecedented heights, Best Real Estate offers a bevy of additional amenities. From securing comprehensive insurance to acquiring majestic motor yachts, from accessing esteemed medical services to indulging in the finest interior design wonders, every aspect of luxury living is meticulously catered to. 

While their collection of superlative properties currently showcases the magnificence of Croatia, Best Real Estate caters to an international clientele, transcending borders with ease. Their multilingual team ensures fluid communication, allowing clients to bask in the warm embrace of seamless service and unwavering confidence. 

Best Real Estate’s philosophy resonates throughout their every endeavor: to be purveyors of homes that kindle pure bliss.  

Best Real Estate
Best Real Estate
Best Real Estate
Best Real Estate
Best Real Estate
Best Real Estate

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