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Wakaya Resort & Spa




Found in the breathtaking South Pacific, Wakaya Resort & Spa stands is the embodiment of luxury, recently recognized as Best Luxury Private Island Resort in Fiji by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for 2024. This sanctuary of opulence beckons travelers in search of an extraordinary escape, offering a perfect blend of barefoot elegance and natural splendor.

Wakaya’s story is one of resilience and heritage, tracing its roots back to 300 BC when it was home to the village of Korolevu. Throughout centuries marked by triumphs and challenges, Wakaya has remained steadfast, embracing its storied past while forging a path toward sustainable prosperity for future generations.

Guests are enveloped in luxury from the moment they arrive, with pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and lush forests awaiting exploration. Accommodations range from traditional bures to lavish villas, each offering a unique retreat tailored to individual preferences, whether for a romantic getaway or a family adventure.

Dining at Wakaya is a culinary journey celebrating the fusion of South Pacific and Mediterranean flavors, with each dish thoughtfully put together with the island’s freshest ingredients. Embracing sustainability, the resort’s daily-changing menu highlights the bounties of Wakaya’s land and sea, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Breeze Spa offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation, with indulgent massages, skincare treatments, and pampering services designed to leave guests feeling refreshed and revitalized. Through these offerings, Wakaya honors the beauty of its surroundings and the richness of Fijian culture.

Under the guidance of Monika Pal, the resort’s first female General Manager, Wakaya is committed to fostering authentic cultural experiences and implementing sustainability programs to preserve the island’s natural resources. Monika’s dedication to upholding Fijian traditions and empowering the local community underscores Wakaya’s commitment to responsible tourism.

Wakaya Resort & Spa epitomizes luxury living in the heart of the South Pacific. From its rich history and unparalleled hospitality to its dedication to sustainability, Wakaya offers travelers a journey to paradise.

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