Lootah Perfumes

  • 2017

    Dubai, UAE

Lootah Perfumes is a leading Perfumery Brand in UAE reigning from the 1950s, carries with it a wealth of perfume & incense knowledge that generates remarkable fragrances.

Between a wooden warmth and a floral essence, and from the enticing spices of the East to the earthy scents of the woods, Lootah releases its fragrance, with an everlasting taste that lives beyond time and space. The story started from a talent, that met an idea, and together in harmony, they both brought to the light warm and refined aroma, wandering beyond Emirates nest to worldwide fame … How else would it be? Fragrance in the air runs wild and free.

This is how Lootah became a leading perfumery giant in the UAE and a creator of finest oriental and French perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud and luxury perfumed blended oils and the finest agarwood in the 1950s. Lootah carries with it a wealth of perfume and incense knowledge that generates remarkable fragrances to enchant the senses from the grandfather Saleh Bin Nasser Bin Lootah.


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