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Ashleys is a renowned boutique firm founded by Pooja and Arbaysis Ashley, accomplished and innovative young interior designers based in Mumbai. Established in 2008, this dynamic architecture and interior design firm has consistently achieved new heights of success. The co-founders, Arbaysis and Pooja, have garnered prestigious accolades including the IIID National Award, the Trends Award, the Archi Design Award, the Design Matrix Award, and the Better Interior Award. Their exceptional work has also earned recognition in various industry publications for their groundbreaking projects. Notably, they were recently honored with the Best Luxury Penthouse Interior Design award by Luxury Lifestyle Awards for their project, The Mono Quirk in India in 2023.

Trained in both Milan and India, Ashleys infuse international finesse and professionalism into their designs. Their hallmark is meticulous attention to detail and bold design statements that bring an element of exclusivity and surprise to every project. As interior designers in Mumbai, they have a diverse portfolio, encompassing clubhouses, show flats, premium residences, luxury bungalows, retail spaces, and corporate offices. Their clientele includes multinational corporations, A-list celebrities, leading developers, and prominent industrialists.

Ashleys boast a dedicated team of industry experts, led by the two visionary interior designers themselves. They offer comprehensive services, guiding clients through every phase of a project. Ashleys’ distinctive style revolves around minimalist sophistication, utilizing statement accents to infuse each project with drama and a unique identity. While they favor contemporary design, their innate sense of timeless chic ensures that their work stands the test of time.

For those seeking cutting-edge interior design solutions that blend innovation with elegance, Ashleys are the go-to choice in Mumbai’s design landscape.

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