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Best known for their YouTube channel, ALUX is a tech company that provides an amalgamation of knowledge to its clients by connecting them to a world of luxury with other enthusiasts and are the coach and mentor when it comes to educational materials and courses for those interested in personal growth

Founder Emil Anton had a unique idea to make the world of fine luxurious living accessible to as many people. ALUX was born in 2013. Emil found that there were not many affordable resources for lifestyle and financial advice widely available. High-end seminars and educational books were hard to come by and were expensive, therefore ALUX fixed this problem by offering educational high-end lifestyle and financial advice materials to the masses, at an affordable price.

The company’s content is primarily in English, and they continue to grow and reach people globally with their outstanding online courses. Some of their audience is in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom as well as in developing Asian countries. Both courses provide insight into personal strategies, personal growth, goal setting, and meditation tools for entrepreneurs and high achievers. The company has seen how these courses have changed the lives of their clients in the most positive way and guarantee a full refund to clients if they do not notice any changes within themselves. The main values of the company are drive, honesty, discipline, excellence, innovation and to provide a positive impact on all their clients.

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