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Founded in 1906, Olivicola Laur was a pioneer not only in the implementation of olive trees in Mendoza, Argentina, but also in the olive oil industry in the country.

It was founded by Francisco Laur, a French immigrant from the region of Loire, in the south of France, who moved to Cruz de Piedra, Maipu, in the early 1900s, along with the first big massive immigration that relocated to Argentina looking for a land full of opportunities.

Since the very beginnings, Olivicola Laur showed its pioneering vision planting olive trees in one of the best terroirs in Argentina.

In 1996 Laur started a process of technological innovation, incorporating modern machines to extract olive oil: the so-called continuous centrifugal extraction system.

The Millan family acquired the Olivicola Laur in 2010. In that moment, the CEO Jose Millan decided that he wanted it to be the best olive oil factory in Argentina. He had a clear vision and hired Gabriel Guardia, an oenologist specialized in olive oil production, in order to achieve his dream. Guardia has been the general manager at Laur since 2012.

In 2019, Laur was named the 4th most important olive oil factory in the world and the 1st one in Argentina by the EVOO World Ranking, becoming true the success that Jose Millan had dreamed for Olivicola Laur.

Nowadays, Olivicola Laur exports to USA, China, Japan, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Brasil, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Costa Rica.

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