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The Jerebica family has held a deep connection with olives for more than two hundred years. Our first-class diverse products from the family farm are created on the picturesque hills, and the terraced fields surrounded by Istrian stone, of the impressive Istrian hinterland.

Olive Farm Jerebica is located in Nova Vas, in the heart of Slovenian Istria. Our olive groves are enriched by typical Istrian indigenous varieties, as well as young, mischievous shoots of newer species.

In 1998, we started to expand our olive groves with new plantations, and today they include about 500 trees of selected varieties, including Istrian white, black, buga, leccino, licione, pendolino, štorta of Piran, vinjola and others. At the same time, we created the first label of the brand Olive Oil Jerebica for our gift line.

Our concept of farming is based on the production of healthy and quality foods, while respecting and coexisting with nature. It is this symphony of nature, this biodiversity and diversity found within the olive groves and fields, that allow us to produce top-quality organic products in a completely natural way. For this reason, we were awarded the SI-EKO organic production certificate eight years ago.

The most sensitive processes in the production of olive oil are the harvesting and pressing of olives, where we need to pay extra attention, while the desire to preserve healthy and undamaged fruit leads us to the manual harvesting of olives.

The olives are cold pressed, the temperature never exceeding 27 ° C during processing. In this way, we preserve all the essential and vital nutrients, and the oil is therefore, one of the healthiest liquids with a luxurious consistency.

Olive Oil Jerebica is a true symphony of nature with a rich, fruity aroma and taste, and a hint of spices. It is precisely this harmony of flavour that awakens all the senses and carries us to Istria in full bloom.

Based on our efforts and hard work, love of nature and its fruits, we developed the brand »Simfonija Narave« (Symphony of Nature) in 2019. We poured all our devotion into creating a gastronomic picture where the musical lines illustrate the dance of nature, the wind that blows between the treetops and the nets where the fruits of autumn fall. The notes are a melody of flavours and fruits, each with its own colour whispering a message to the taster.

Every drop of extra virgin organic olive oil in Simfonija Narave is a unique whirlwind of tastes and aromas of Mother Nature. When the oil runs down your throat, if you close your eyes, you can feel the wind carrying salt from the blue sea, the gentle dew of the green Istrian valleys and hills, the caressing warmth of the yellow sunbeams, white virginity of the Istrian land, as well as the redness of spice and orange energy from among the olive grove branches… where our prized liquid gold is born.



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