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KAMITOPEN Co., Ltd. is an architecture and design studio based in Japan that has been operating successfully for 13 years. In 2022, the company has become the worthy recipient of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Office Interior Design for Goodman Amenity Space.

“Clients have their own ideas that they desire to express to the public. We are the designers who create the “words” and the “forms”.”

The Goodman Group was established 20 years ago in Sydney. It is a company that owns, develops, and manages industrial real estate.  In recent years, the demand for distribution warehouses has significantly increased including the  number of people working in these spaces. As employees spend so much time working in these spaces, the demand to create refreshing areas for the workers has also risen.

Therefore, for the Stage 5 of a large-scale business park located in Chiba New Town, some 470 m2 of the amenity space in the 154000m2 of the distribution warehouse was planned to be designed. Since the amenity space was required to be both relaxing and rejuvenating, KAMITOPEN Co., Ltd has created a space where people can feel and sense the nature and “ocean feel” of Australia – where Goodman Group headquarters are located.  The project was completed in October 2021, and KAMITOPEN Co., Ltd. worked closely with architects ASAI KEN ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCHI INC.

In practice, the entire space is designed to resemble the sea surface. This has been achieved by creating waves on the ceiling surface that come from the gradation and vibration of stainless steel processed onto the mirror face. In addition, by using materials that reflect on the walls the movement of people, clouds, and the sun, they have arranged  a space where you can feel the fluctuations of the whole interior. Additionally, by adding indoor plants that resemble seaweed, they have created “underwater life”.

For the walls, they used tiles called “Seigaiha”, commonly used throughout history in Japan.  They show a traditional Japanese, wavy, circular pattern – a design which contains the meaning of “blessings brought from the wide sea, and the happiness that will continue into the future like an infinite wave”. They have adopted this pattern as an image that connects Australia and Japan.

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