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It’s Private Design




Founded in 2016, It’s Private Design is a leading interior architecture and design studio that has gained recognition for its impeccable solutions and attention to detail. Led by the visionary Iolanda David, the studio specializes in creating impeccable designs for a wide range of projects including HoReCa, Office Spaces, Retail establishments, and premium residential spaces. With a strong focus on brand image and business development, It’s Private Design collaborates with clients who understand the significance of interior design in transforming their spaces to the highest standards.

What sets It’s Private Design apart is their unique ability to blend contemporary eclectic styles with minimalist tendencies, resulting in artistic concepts that are both current and exceptional. Their approach combines aesthetic vision with technical expertise. Transparency and constant communication with clients are at the core of their working philosophy, as they strive to understand and address the defining characteristics and needs of each space.

At It’s Private Design, the client’s satisfaction is paramount. The studio is committed to providing the best solutions, and the team, characterized by professionalism, competence, and experience, consistently delivers outstanding results.

It’s Private Design takes pride in preserving the defining qualities of their brand while tailoring each design to the client’s preferences. This commitment to excellence was exemplified by their recent achievement of winning a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Office Interior Design in Romania in 2023, for their exceptional work on It’s Private Office in Cluj-Napoca.

For It’s Private Office, the team aimed to create a visually open space. Despite the limited size of the space, they skillfully employed small internal glass partitions for sound insulation, fostering a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere among office teams. The design concept embraced a contemporary, slightly industrial style that blended trendy aesthetics and special textures with timeless appeal and maximum functionality.

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