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ALTER EGO Project Group is a premium architectural bureau – a family business, founded in 2003. The company’s general offices are in Milan and Moscow. Throughout this time, the core staff of ALTER EGO hasn’t changed.

The bureau’s Italian office is located in the center of Milan, in the famous Quadrilatero della moda, where boutiques of the world’s leading fashion houses are concentrated. It has a feel of luxury; everything is saturated with design ideas and a refined taste for life. For the flagship office, ALTER EGO has chosen a historic building from the late 18th century, an architectural monument to emphasize the continuous connection between time periods and genius loci or spirit of the place. Having carefully preserved the authentic elements of the Italian palazzo interior, the company filled the space with sparkling new content, reflecting current ideas of luxury and comfort while applying the latest technologies.

The style of the ALTER EGO office is an eclectic mix of inspired neoclassicism and respectable Art Deco, where Venetian terrazzo floors, artful frescoes and painted ceilings coexist with designer pieces of furniture and decor. The bright and extraordinary interior is an invitation to communicate and create: here the team holds meetings with clients, art exhibitions, master classes, auctions and creative evenings and organize gala receptions. Within these walls, the atmosphere of the creative laboratory mixes with the energy of an industrious city, and the Italian chic of the interior – with a feeling of incredible comfort.

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