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Grand Homm Sales Office by Fusion Design Limited




Established in the early 90’s, Fusion Design Ltd was initially set up to provide exceptional interior design solutions to high-end commercial projects for the renowned property developers in Hong Kong.

Overtime, Fusion has expanded its focus to include creating luxurious environments for prestigious residential developments and celebrity homes with increasing exposure across Greater China.

Fusion’s sophisticated designs are a harmonious blend of modern and classic twists and by anticipating its clients’ needs, Fusion consistently delivers beautiful spaces that satisfy and leave a lasting impression.

As a result, Fusion has built an impressive client base and trusted relationships with renowned property developers in Hong Kong and China as well as with local celebrities.

Grand Homm is the client’s first-ever fully developed and owned residential property in Hong Kong. The design of sales office reflected the architectural elements of the property, where luxurious and modern living was to fuse with stylistic elements from the Art Deco Era. Despite of the unique personality exuded from each space, the consistent color palette and repetitive use of art deco elements brought everything together as a coherent whole.

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