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Fablab Design




Fablab Design is a Scandinavian Interior Design practice working with workplaces, hotels & hospitality, residences, and historical renovation. Their mission is: “Making it fabulous!”

Fablab Design, founded by Siv Amundsen-Lack has been operational for 16 years, and they have completed projects in Norway, the UK, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain, and France. This year, Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized the firm for their renovation project entitled Office Interior – Mitsubishi Electric, which was completed in May 2022.

Located in Oslo, Norway, this project was completed Soley by Fablab Designs, and they managed the process from the initial idea stage to the completed installation.

Fablab Design provided activity-driven interior architecture and design services, including insight and ideation workshops together with the client. They also created several items of bespoke furniture.

The client produces balanced ventilation (HVAC) systems for homes and commercial buildings. Fablab Design’s interior design concept focused on the visual representation of warm and cool zones, as well as collaborative areas which used natural tones from Norwegian fauna. They also incorporated the company´s long Japanese heritage, using powerful imagery from both Japanese and Norwegian nature to demarcate different activities and workflows.

Much of the existing office furniture was recycled for this installation. They used color and a strong visual concept and language to create an impactful office upgrade. Fablab Design’s design choices often include humor through the use of unusual materials or special effects.

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