Maleza fashion brand was founded in 2020, with it’s headquarters in Zagreb. The brand is dedicated to making luxury women’s and little girls clothing from finest luxury fabrics. Our mission is to create timeless creations of high quality and comfort items in which every woman feels special. All our models are created in our own production, and in this way we can satisfy even the most demanding clients. We pay great attention to girls line in which we put a lot of effort and love.  For certain models, we invest up to a hundred hours of manual work to get the perfect high fashion creation.  All our models are made by hand, as well as details made of feathers, crystals and lace.

Danijela Maleza Jovanovski, wife and a mother of three children, two twin boys and one daughter at the age of 40, decided to make her long-desired dream reality, so she founded her own brand of luxury women’s clothing. The brand name MALEZA originated from the initials of her children’s names: MArk, LEon and ZAra. Danijela says that her job is both passion, love and pleasure in which she found  true fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness for the first time in her life and can proudly say that she is living her dream. With her creations, Danijela wanted to give back to women that special elegance that is already a bit forgotten and restore the confidence to love themselves and their body.

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