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This was an exciting and fun project to design by Raid Architecture, the Landscape space is meant to be an entertainment haven for guests yet usable by all family members. The client is a keen swimmer, and his children are competitive swimmers. The swimming pool is therefore used as a training facility but is also well suited for recreational swimmers. The whole facility allows the family and occasional guests to unwind after a stressful day at work, whether they need a soak in a hot tub or relax in the sauna. It needed to become a therapeutic space with different aspects to promote the family’s well-being.

The Design comprises of several areas for different use during the year, we have an intimate sunken seating with a firepit, a message/therapy hot tub, a lap pool, a BBQ and dining building as well as a Spa building containing a Sauna, foot spa and shower room.

Working with very complex typography it was very important from a design perspective to ensure that the different building levels create interest in the landscape while also blending into it.

The various steps to buildings, into the landscape and down to the pool, hot tub and sunken seating around the flat plane surrounding the swimming pool aligned with strategically placed planters, create a seamless transition from the manmade structures into the surrounding natural landscape.

Furthermore, the reflective glazing, on the large glass facades reflects the surrounding landscape which helps to create buildings that conspicuously celebrate nature whilst simultaneously camouflaging with it.

In addition, the selection of plants within the scheme has a balanced mix between evergreens and seasonal as well as colourful plants.

We also added height and texture with partially tall trees, ferns as well as different types of thick grass with changing colours throughout the year. This provides the landscape and client with an all year around interest and uplifting feel to the gloomy British winters.

The lighting plays a huge role in providing a subtle emphasis and elegant focus on the different types of vegetation whilst providing an ambient atmosphere for socializing during the hot summer nights.

Collaborating with high end suppliers and construction company like Four-Square Design & Build is allowing this design get delivered to the best quality and attention to detail one can get.

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