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Portgate by CSS & Associates




Company: CSS & Associates 

Category: Best Luxury Mixed Use Architecture for Portgate project in Cyprus 

Limassol, Cyprus, is the home of Portgate, a mixed-use development whose stature and design is a beauty to behold. Designed by CSS & Associates, the luxury building is a significant development for the architectural landscape of this bustling city, elevating the standard of high-rise buildings while stretching the boundaries of creative design. 

Completed in 2021, this 17-storey development has both residential and commercial appeal. The three sides of the building have an unobstructed view of the sea and the harbor. Portgate is considerd to be the gateway to the city and the country in general from the harbor side, hence its name. 

 CSS & Associates is an architecture, engineering and design firm that was founded in Cyprus in 1991. Now with over three decades of experience offering these expert services, CSS & Associates is considered an industry leader in the country. The firm is known for providing a wide variety of services, covering the entire range of projects  starting at urban design and extending to commercial and residential buildings, interior design and renovations, as well as industrial, institutional and educational buildings.  

In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards crowned CSS & Associates Best Luxury Mixed Use Architecture for Portgate project in Cyprus. 

CSS & Associates can be found on the following social media channels: Facebook – @cssarch; Instagram – @ css_architects; LinkedIn – CSS & Associates LLC. 

For more about CSS & Associates, visit https://www.css-architects.com/about  

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