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Edificio Manquehue by Estudio Larrain




Located in Santiago de Chile, ESTUDIO LARRAIN is a prestigious architecture and interior design studio that with more than 35 years of experience has successfully stood out both nationally and internationally with attractive and unique architecture and interior design in areas such as hotels, hospitality, entertainment, residential, office and mixed use projects, as well as equipment for education among others. 

With vast experience both locally and internationally, this trained team approaches each project from the field, master plan, design, interior design, final decoration to commissioning. In this way, they has managed to give their projects a particular essence, taking the best of each brand, place and cultural context, making in this way, that each project is special, unique and of impeccable execution, which finally translates into a great experience for every user. 

The edificio “manquehue”, is a mix use, enviroment friendly, 16 floor, and 6 underground building, located in the bussiness district of santiago de chile. The building was desing to accommodate offices, apartments, and comerce, in complete integration with the neigbohood and public apaces. The fazade desing adopts a second skin that gives solution to every orientation differently giving the best possible solar protection year round,  and securing lowest consumption.

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