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Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa




Lush sanctuary, Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa offers the luxury of space and intimacy, in Morocco’s spiritual heart and the world’s largest car-free urban area.

The porter of the House escorts guests, with his luggage trolley. Guests have to walk the streets, dodge a donkey, walk pass the grocer’s, and further down a mosque, before they can at last follow the impressive wall of the Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa. The modest entrance door hides under an arcade. Nothing leaves to the imagination, that a palace stands behind that door.

The place seems like a reminiscence of the palaces of the past, when each refined detail was a tribute to the deliciously nostalgic elegance of a sophisticated lifestyle. XIXth century riad where Moorish style meets an Art Deco Villa, Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa epitomes the very essence and character of Fez, where historical grandeur and lifestyle merge together.

With only seven suites, caring and friendly service, privilege of a spacious terrace, accessible by lift and offering panoramic view of Fez, Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa appears as a true exclusive experience. In a boldly contemporary spirit, the Riad reinvents the city break, with authenticity and a certain sense of nostalgia. Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa creates a world apart, a world in itself, a welcoming retreat in harmony with its environment. A retreat, both classic and playful, serene and intense.

At Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa, the art of welcoming, is led by caring and quality of exchange between the Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa staff and the guests. The riad combines the services of a prestigious hotel, with the benefits of a private property. A butler provides bespoke service, for guests to arrange their stay in the smallest details.

Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa is a family home and a family story. Deeply influenced by experiences gained throughout years of expatriation, currently sharing her time between Morocco and Egypt, Mrs Dominique Laraqui officiates as lady of the house with the strong support from Mrs Houda, house Manager, and to a small team entirely dedicated to the comfort of guests. After six fantastic years in London, she left Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa for her new life in Fez which, of course, could only continue in Riad Mayfez Suites & Spa.

A pun that eventually gave the riad its name, following six years of refurbishment.


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