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Bringing Lebanese authenticity to Australia, Zahli Restaurant is named after one of Lebanon’s most iconic regions – Zahlé, where wine and poetry flow in equal measure, evenings are enjoyed by the river banks, and the fresh breeze complements the serene atmosphere.


Founded by an entrepreneur of Lebanese heritage, the owner was inspired by the fond memories of his mother’s cooking and passion. He wanted to share this with the world. Using tradition as the foundation, the Executive Chef has created an exemplary menu based on his own interpretation of contemporary and flavorsome dishes.


The cuisine truly caters to any preference and dietary requirement. From signature stews that are in hours of preparation, to finger foods that are enjoyed over mezza, Zahli is for anyone and everyone who has an appreciation for Middle Eastern cuisine.


The restaurant has grown to become Australia’s Best Lebanese Restaurant, having acquired a number of awards for excellence and recognition in global publications. Zahli Restaurant provides the most exquisite fine dining experience, without losing its true cultural heritage and hospitality. Zahli is committed to making each moment a memory.

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