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East Pan-Asian Restaurant



Contemporary Pan-Asian Restaurant

EAST restaurant is a symbiosis of cuisine, architecture and modern art.

Mamu (Rashidin Abd Rashid, Malaysia), the Chef of EAST restaurant, is a Master of Pan-Asian Cuisine who has work experience with world-known brands such as Formula-1, Hilton Hotel and personally with Hollywood stars (including Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen, Elizabeth Hurley and Naomi Campbell etc.). Mamu controls the whole working process starting from the purchase of products to serving the dish to the Guest.

Pan-Asian Cuisine from Mamu include dishes originated from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Cuisine from Mamu is culinary art that combines exquisite European presentation and a deep respect for Asian cultural traditions.

Restaurant’s Management aim is to provide the Guest with excellent service. Highest priority of EAST restaurant’s team is to give attention to each Guest and make their time in EAST memorable from the first minute they arrive (for EAST Guests free Valet Parking service is available) to the last minute. The Chef and the Manager of the restaurant often take Guests’ orders by themselves, considering their personal preferences and wishes. Chef can even cook something that is not on the menu if the Guest wishes it, while a personal wine and cocktail Sommelier will offer the best alcohol choice to compliment the Guests order.

The architectural concept of EAST restaurant was developed by Almaty Vilnius Architects professionals, who have earned their reputation by working on other restaurants of the Parmigiano Group. The architectural motif of EAST’s interior is a river, flowing into the ocean, embodied in a smooth transition from ceiling to walls, authentic boats that were used by fishermen in the Indian Ocean, a screen-wall the window to the magic world of cuisine which is performed in the kitchen of EAST by the team of professionals, ledby the Chef Mamu.

The work of art BIG WAVE by George Pusekoff is an architectural emphasis of EAST’s interior.

Welcome to EAST restaurant the BEST restaurant in its class.

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