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Welcome to BREATHE– so much more than a restaurant or bar alone, this multifaceted gastronomic concept offers a place in Marbella where you can relax, dine, meet, socialise, enjoy a cocktail and be inspired by quality food made with care.

BREATHE is the embodiment of a philosophy, a way of life that adds another dimension to breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks in Marbella.

BREATHE offers more than just great food – it’s a stylish but trendy restaurant that offersefficient, friendly service and a multifaceted fresh-thinking approach to gastronomy.

Our restaurant is all about gorgeous food in a wonderful environment, two of the most important ingredients for creating a very special dining experience.

Situated on the first floor, the restaurant is literally atthe heart of BREATHE, and it is marked by different spaces that reflect your mood and requirements. They include a beautiful entrance with relaxing seating area where you can enjoy a drink and snacks.

Nature and sustainability are at the heart of our philosophy, and we’ve worked very hard to make BREATHE energy-efficient, healthy and green.

Enjoy great food in a variety of comfortable settings suited to your mood and the time of day – from the aroma of coffee and freshly-baked bread in our bakery with street-front terrace to the signature restaurant and bar with outdoor patio and garden, and the panoramic raw bar & cocktail terrace on the rooftop.

We’re all about fresh-thinking gastronomy, and prepare nearly everything on the premises using the best seasonal and local produce from our farm and other nearby producers.


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