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YALOOU Exclusive Yachting & More




YALOOU Exclusive Yachting & More is a luxury yachting company founded by Francesco Lemonis in June 2021. Offering a unique way to explore the beautiful Greek islands, YALOOU caters to those who appreciate privacy and desire a world-class, highly rewarding experience on their own terms. With an expert team dedicated to ensuring the utmost care and discretion, YALOOU offers a range of customized yachts, concierge services, and activities for any occasion, including special events like birthdays, proposals, and weddings.

At YALOOU, the ideal luxury travel experience involves cruising around some of Greece’s most spectacular beaches, including Delos and Rhenia beaches, and enjoying the privacy and comfort of your own yacht.

Guests can partake in a variety of activities, including fishing, scuba diving, yoga, massage and spa therapy, and a special live music night under a galaxy of stars. With an impressive selection of water sports equipment, guests can also enjoy jet skis, paddle boards, sea bobs, sea kayaks, snorkeling & scuba gear, hydrofoil, fly boards, and jet surfs.

YALOOU‘s company policy is based on five pillars: purpose, perception, identity, values, and brand experience. Their goal is to provide customized cruises and activities that emerge unforgettable experiences, representing Greek hospitality and identity, and building great memories for clients.

With a premium brand, authenticity, and a focus on client satisfaction, YALOOU strives to offer the ultimate yachting and hospitality experience, with a fleet of distinctive yachts and expert staff available to ensure the quality of your holidays.


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