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Rota Dos Cetáceos




Enjoy a luxury trip on Rota Dos Cetáceos‘ beautiful Princess 58 yacht. You can explore beautiful private beaches that only can have access to by boat, have lunch on board, and spend an amazing day with friends or family!

This luxury yacht charter (the Princess 58, 18 meters, 2003) on Madeira gives you the chance to enjoy the island in your own way. Rota Dos Cetáceos‘ yacht charter always includes a skipper who will safely take you where you desire to go, and one more crew member to make sure you are comfortable!

During the yacht charter, you can go for a visit to the Southern Coastline of Madeira and stop for a free swim. The team provides towels, masks, and snorkels.

Why not try free snorkeling in the 20-degree temperature sea? To get the most out of this yacht charter Madeira on the ”Princess 58”, Rota Dos Cetáceos provides you with champagne, wine, beer, water and soda, and some snacks. Feel free to bring your own food too. You can choose to enjoy the Atlantic Sea for a half day (4hrs) or a full day (7hrs). The passionate team has a suggested itinerary but of course, you may choose your own!


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