Platinum Heritage

  • 2018


Platinum Heritage Dubai is the only Ecotourism Desert Safari company in Dubai. We are advocates of sustainable travel and our mission is to conserve the natural environment, wildlife and culture of Dubai and its people.

Authenticity is at our core, and fine-tuning every last detail of our Desert Safaris is fundamental to our success. For many tourists, we are their introduction to Dubai. As such, we ensure that our Desert Safaris embrace the culture, history, and environment of this great land.

Our range of luxury and eco-friendly Desert Safaris form part of two collections. The Heritage Collection is a journey back to the turning point in Dubai’s history to 1950’s when Land Rovers were first introduced to the desert. These adventurous Desert Safaris are a window into Dubai’s past and offer an authentic encounter with Dubai’s cultural heritage with the addition of a few modern comforts.

The Platinum Collection features the most luxurious desert safaris in Dubai. Discerning guests can experience the magic of the Dubai desert with a sophisticated touch in luxury Range Rovers. As the most exclusive Collection, these Desert Safaris redefine rustic luxury and make experiencing the desert in elegance possible.

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