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Cire Trudon




Trudon’s story begins in 1643 when Claude Trudon becomes the owner of a shop in Rue Saint-Honoré. He starts out as a merchant of wax and spices. The candles he manufactures are used in churches and for internal lighting. During Louis XIV’s reign, Claude Trudon sets the foundation of a company that will end up bringing his family a fortune. The manufacturer used beeswax to make its candles, and its motto “Deo regique laborant” meant “They work for God and the King”.

The divine wax is carefully harvested from the hive before being filtered, washed and exposed to sunlight in order to obtain the purest white possible. Back in the day, the court of Louis XV and the kingdom’s largest parishes were seduced by Trudon’s perfectly white candles — they burned for a long time and didn’t splutter, which, at that time, was a luxury.

Nowadays, Cire Trudon, that obtained its name in 2007, is a specialist in manufacturing perfumed candles. The company enlists well-known “noses” to create perfumes for the stories it wishes to tell. Each candle is still dripped and handmade, making for luxurious manufacture that perpetuates the skills of the brand’s founder, Claude Trudon.

Experts of Cire Trudon know that life can be challenging, complex, inspiring and joyous — and all at the same time. That is why they made it their mission to create magnificent top-quality candles to suit each situation.

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