Masterskaya Agafonova

  • 2019

    Moscow, Russia

A special feature of the creative works of Masterskaya Agafonova is individuality and even their uniqueness. Many of the jewelry pieces created here exist in a single copy. Masterskaya Agafonova jewelry is distinguished by a pronounced own style, the result of a combination of traditional jewelry techniques and modern technologies. That’s where their popularity among owners of private collections and international recognition come from. One of the Masterskaya Agafonova’s jewelry pieces became an official gift of the Russian government to the Imperial House of Japan; several items were included in the collection of the princely family of Monaco. Among the owners of Masterskaya Agafonova products are many famous collectors from Russia and foreign countries.

Constantly improving, Masterskaya Agafonova expands the boundaries of knowledge and craftsmanship, while respecting the traditions of the past. Masters convey love and reverential attitude to the work through their hands to the pieces of jewelry, giving them particular warmth and coziness. Like feelings, jewelry is multifaceted: hard diamonds coexist with fragile enamel.

Masterskaya Agafonova unites several generations of our family. We sincerely believe that relations between people are priceless and value each personal acquaintance. Thank you for choosing our works! We are always happy to meet again!” says Maria Agafonova, art director at Masterskaya Agafonova.

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