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Gold Sushi Club




Luxury Lifestyle Awards has recognized Gold Sushi Club restaurant in Saudi Arabia for a second year. Owned by F&B leaders, Althawaq International Company, the restaurants provide authentic Japanese experiences for medium to high-end clientele. 

Gold Sushi Club Saudi was established in 2012 and offers the ultimate in trendy, fine dining. Guests can expect to step into a dimly-lit Japanese world filled with dark wood, hand-carved furniture, silk finishes, and traditional Japanese architecture, splattered with gold trimmings and charm. 

While many perceive Japanese cuisine as consisting merely of sushi, the modern restaurant brings depth, history, and culture into its space, with chefs experimenting with exotic delicacies and world-class cuisine, while maintaining the respected, revered Japanese traditions. 

The team strongly believes in their traditional culinary styles in the kitchen and live presentation stations, maintaining that these elements are the secret to their unique dishes. 

Gold Sushi Club’s philosophy is inspired by the spirit of Japanese culture and cuisine, and their goal from day one has been to create a “visual feast for your soul”, morphing the food and special ambiance. 

The company consistently strives to provide the highest quality food and service standards and exceed customers’ expectations. The company’s success has led to Gold Sushi Club expanding its businesses by opening several new branches to accommodate the growing brand and loyal customers.   

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