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Eureka Resorts





El Nido Beach, of Eureka Resorts, invites you to “rediscover life in nature”. The unspoiled fantasy destination for modern-day travellers has been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner of an International Sustainable Award in 2023, for the sustainable and resource-efficient EcoTown project in El Nido, Philippines.

El Nido Beach is a purpose-driven organization, and its values and ethos reflect the continuous support they provide for the well-being of people, society, local communities, and our beloved planet. The whole archipelago is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, noted for its sustainable development and conservation efforts.

Eureka Resorts believe in developing real estate projects in harmony with nature and up to the highest standards of sustainable development – “sustainability is in our DNA, always encouraging us to leave a legacy behind that generations will learn from and follow to preserve nature on planet Earth.”

EcoTown is a multi-functional, eco-friendly, and sustainable town located in El Nido, Palawan.  It is planned as a sustainable development hub utilizing eco-friendly materials and resources.

With the guidance of the LEED system goals and other local environmental groups, EcoTown uses all the best practices in the hopes of having a lasting impact on the cause to preserve nature’s beauty.

Eureka Resorts has taken into account and implemented:

  • Responsible Construction
  • Energy Conservation
  • Zero-waste water recycling
  • Drainage System
  • Single-use plastic
  • Sustainable food supply chain
  • Advocating a circular economy
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