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YALOOU Exclusive Yachting & More




YALOOU Exclusive Yachting & More, established in 2021 by Francesco Lemonis, a prominent figure in luxury fashion and private aviation, redefines luxury by effortlessly merging luxury with sustainability. Specializing in bespoke yachting experiences in Greece, the company strives to deliver top service tailored to create enduring memories.

Driven by a profound love for the sea, Lemonis infuses YALOOU with core values centered around authenticity, client-centricity, and a relentless pursuit of exceptional quality. Each cruise is meticulously curated to transcend the ordinary, fostering lasting connections and crafting cherished moments for clients.

YALOOU stands at the forefront of uniting luxury with sustainability. The company’s dedication is evident in their eco-friendly approach, ensuring their vessels meet stringent environmental standards in fuel efficiency, emission controls, and waste management. Embracing solar power and energy-efficient technologies minimizes their yachts’ environmental footprint. Their stringent waste reduction initiatives and responsible water usage practices echo a strong commitment to preserving the environment.

Beyond providing luxury experiences, YALOOU places a premium on education and awareness. The company invests in comprehensive training and certification programs for their team, instilling a sustainable ethos within the organization. Regular communication, sharing success stories, and offering resources serve to inspire the team’s dedication to eco-conscious practices.

YALOOU Exclusive Yachting & More takes pride is being a luxury yachting company that’s also a vanguard in sustainable luxury travel. Their dedication to intertwining sustainability with opulence sets the stage for a new era where luxury, elegance, and responsible stewardship coexist harmoniously. They continue to create unforgettable experiences while preserving the pristine beauty of oceans and landscapes.

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