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Studio Negri




Studio Negri is an award-winning Dublin-based architectural firm that stands out for its commitment to eco-friendly designs and energy efficiency. This esteemed company has received international recognition with the prestigious International Sustainable Award, showcasing its dedication to delivering a more sustainable future.

With over 13 years of experience in the Irish Construction Industry, Studio Negri boasts a wide range of architectural expertise. Their services encompass everything from Development Plans and Feasibility Studies to Planning Applications and Tender Packages. As a Certified Passive House Designer, they excel in creating energy-efficient and environmentally responsible designs. They also offer Building Energy Ratings (BER) and are well-versed in all RIAI Certificate stages. Furthermore, their proficiency extends to Project Management, ensuring the seamless execution of architectural projects.

Studio Negri’s portfolio is diverse and inclusive, covering Residential, Commercial, Educational, Industrial, Healthcare, and Leisure projects. Their holistic approach takes projects from conception to completion, ensuring the delivery of the best possible final product to their clients.

The founder, AndrĂ© Pierre Negri, is a seasoned architect with a rich background. Born in South Africa to Irish-Italian parents, he graduated with a B.Arch in 1996 from the University of Port Elizabeth. He worked in a design company before relocating to Ireland in 1997. AndrĂ©’s dedication to the field is evident as he became a member of the RIAI in 2006. While initially working as a Team Leader on large projects across the country, he eventually established Studio Negri, where he now serves as a full-time director.

Studio Negri’s unwavering commitment to understanding and meeting their clients’ needs, coupled with their continuous research and application of innovative principles in sustainable design and construction techniques, positions them at the forefront of Irish Architecture.

For more information, visit Studio Negri’s website.

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