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Spa Soul




Since its establishment in 2009 by the visionary duo Zeki Dikmen and Asuman Helvacioglu, Spa Soul has emerged as a frontrunner in the global spa industry. Headquartered in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Spa Soul has redefined spa management, brand delivery, and consulting over the past decade.

Prioritizing innovation and sustainability, Spa Soul stands out for its meticulous crafting and operation of various spa types, including day spas, medical spas, and resort spas. What sets Spa Soul apart is its dedication to integrating eco-friendly practices into every facet of spa development and management, earning the company the prestigious International Sustainable Award in 2023 for revolutionizing sustainable solutions within Turkey’s spa industry.

From utilizing recycled materials to advocating for restored furnishings and vintage elements, the award-winning spa showcases how luxury and sustainability harmoniously coexist. The company’s sustainable ethos extends to its partnerships with brands like Magisso and Charme D’Orient. By incorporating eco-friendly products like Magisso’s Lastu Tea Cup, made from renewable wood sources with a significantly lower carbon footprint, Spa Soul emphasizes its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Moreover, Spa Soul’s collaboration with Charme D’Orient underscores its dedication to skincare sustainability. The utilization of COSMOS-certified organic and vegan oils in treatments and massages reflects the company’s alignment with nature and waste reduction initiatives, including the donation of used towels to animal shelters.

Beyond its sustainability endeavors, Spa Soul excels in creating bespoke spa experiences tailored to clients’ visions and market demands while ensuring operational profitability. Their holistic approach, from conceptualization to implementation, involves meticulous planning, market feasibility studies, and risk management strategies, laying the groundwork for each project’s success.

As the leading spa continues to shape the future of spas globally, its dedication to creating profitable and sustainable wellness centers remains steadfast.

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