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Platinum Heritage




Platinum Heritage, a renowned desert safari company in Dubai, is recognized for its strong emphasis on sustainability. The company is dedicated to safeguarding the local environment, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting sustainable practices throughout its operations. With a comprehensive focus on the three pillars of sustainability – social, economic, and environmental – Platinum Heritage aims to deliver exceptional desert experiences while minimizing its ecological impact.

As part of its sustainability mission, the company has implemented complex sustainability practices and effective efforts toward desert conservation in Dubai, UAE. By replacing plastic bottles with reusable stainless-steel ones, Platinum Heritage has effectively eliminated the use of approximately 200,000 plastic water bottles annually. This shift not only benefits the environment but also offers guests a memorable souvenir to take home. Additionally, the company prioritizes wildlife conservation by offering wildlife drives instead of the environmentally damaging practice of dune bashing. These wildlife drives, led by experienced Conservation Guides, take place within the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where guests can learn about the native flora and fauna while contributing to the reserve’s conservation efforts.

Platinum Heritage also places a strong emphasis on minimizing its carbon footprint. The company achieves this through the use of restored vintage Land Rovers in its Heritage Desert Safari Collection. By keeping these classic vehicles operational, Platinum Heritage has successfully saved a substantial number of vehicles from being manufactured and discarded, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing waste associated with the production process.

Platinum Heritage’s commitment to sustainability extends to its camp operations. The company has been recognized for having the most sustainable desert camps in the industry, constructed using eco-friendly materials like wood, stone, and goat hair. Powered by solar energy, these camps operate with minimal environmental impact, and robust waste reduction and recycling practices are implemented to ensure responsible waste management.

By choosing Platinum Heritage, guests not only indulge in unforgettable desert adventures but also actively contribute to the company’s sustainability mission. Platinum Heritage firmly believes that through responsible tourism, the environment can be protected, cultural heritage can be preserved, and positive impacts can be made on the local community. Join Platinum Heritage in its unwavering commitment to sustainability and help support its important mission.

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