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Hôtel des Horlogers




Nestled in the picturesque Vallée de Joux in Switzerland, Hôtel des Horlogers is a luxurious and eco-conscious retreat that beckons to the discerning traveler. This exceptional hotel has not only garnered acclaim for its lavish accommodations and impeccable service but has also earned international recognition for its unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Hôtel des Horlogers stands as a shining example of environmental responsibility, having received a prestigious international sustainable award. This accolade highlights the hotel’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and actively supporting local communities, aligning perfectly with the values of today’s environmentally conscious travelers.

With its architecture and design conceptualized by the renowned Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the hotel presents a modern and innovative vision. Guests are captivated by the distinctive zigzagging structure that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural beauty, providing an unforgettable and immersive experience.

The hotel’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its architecture. It actively participates in sustainable development projects, working in harmony with its environment. From locally sourced materials and partnerships to energy-efficient practices, the hotels ensures that every aspect of its operations adheres to the highest eco-friendly standards.

For those seeking a perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and breathtaking natural beauty, it is the ultimate destination. The hotel’s dedication to sustainability, paired with its world-class amenities and stunning surroundings, make it the ideal choice for travelers who value both opulence and environmental responsibility.

Come and experience the magic of Hôtel des Horlogers, where sustainability and luxury coexist harmoniously, creating an unforgettable stay that leaves a positive mark on both the environment and the hearts of its guests.


Video and images brought to life by Hotel des Horlogers and Meylan Productions.

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