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Taking a brilliant concept developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the specialists at ETOPIA (Shanghai Etopia Building Technology Co., Ltd) have expanded the idea by producing a range of solar-powered tents for sustainable tourism.

At the breakout of the epidemic, the need for a high throughput nucleic acid detection laboratory soon became apparent. This facilitated early detection of the virus and introduced isolation to help control its spread. The experts at ETOPIA responded quickly, working closely with the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, to develop an easily portable laboratory with an inflatable membrane structure. This brought the advantages of easy transportation, assembly, removal, and storage to the testing process and has now been used in nearly 50 locations worldwide.

Taking the concept to the next stage and based on the integration of the inflatable membrane structure and an intelligent integrated module, ETOPIA has now created the module-membrane concept, adding off-grid energy, water, and food modules for solar-powered civilian camping tents. These tailgate tents are suitable for most electric vehicles, with solar power installed on the top and the bottom made from the recycled advertising cloth of the first World Design Cities Conference(WDCC).

The tents have been featured in campsites, shopping malls, and various public spaces. The company also has an event operation team that has organized many activities and is committed to building a new standard for high-end campsites and working in close collaboration with other experts in the industry. Setting an admirable example in their search for new opportunities for sustainable living.


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