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ALVIC’s Showroom by Studio Ruiz Velazquez




ALVIC is an innovative, forward-thinking, Spanish company. Based in the south of Spain, their main showroom is located in Madrid. The company is world-renowned for its highly decorative surfaces and panels, originating from wood and recycled materials, which are used in the creative world of luxury design and furniture manufacturing.

A highly ethical company, well known for its core belief that the “future of the planet is the best investment”, has a phenomenal worldwide presence in at least 100 countries across 5 continents.

ALVIC’S key product is their highly decorative and sustainable panel, available in different technologies applied on MDF board and chipboard, which offers the highest quality and resistance as well as exceptional designs. A product that is highly adaptable to the market and its needs.

The collaboration with highly acclaimed  STUDIO RUIZ VELAZQUEZ for ALVIC’S showroom Hermosilla 77 resulted in recognition by Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Internal Architect Design & Fit Out for ALVIC’s Showroom, 2022. 

Hermosilla 77, the astounding contemporary showroom for ALVIC products is the brainchild of top architect Hector Ruiz Velazquez and his professional design team at STUDIO RUIZ VELAZQUEZ who are celebrated for their diverse and distinguished designs. Every corner of this pristine showroom uses its design to inspire and create both new and exciting projects for all those who enter. 

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