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UBD Global – Caroline Usher




UBD Global, a visionary force in interior architecture and design, captivates its discerning audience with an unparalleled fusion of creativity and expertise. Established in 2010, UBD stands as a trailblazer, channeling its diverse skill set to transform dreams into reality. Specializing in crafting immersive spaces, the company has etched its mark on the commercial landscape, orchestrating awe-inspiring interiors for restaurants, bars, and the hospitality realm.

With a steadfast commitment to evolution, UBD’s influence stretches beyond borders, as it spearheads the manufacturing of FF&E across Indonesia. From local ventures to collaborating with global design powerhouses, UBD orchestrates a symphony of form and function, tailored to perfection.

Founder Caroline, and business partners, Agung and Fariz constitute a dynamic triumvirate, each contributing their specialized expertise to harmonize the creative process. The heartbeat of UBD’s philosophy pulsates with the essence of space, imbuing each establishment or residence with a unique soul. Whether sculpting an experience, narrating a story, or fashioning an inviting ambiance, UBD defies conventions, setting trends while remaining unwaveringly client-centric.

UBD’s mission echoes simplicity: comprehend clients’ visions to yield uniquely exceptional designs of unwavering quality. The team embraces the kaleidoscope of client diversity, molding their craft to suit dynamic business needs. Services ranging from Concept Design and 3D Renderings to Interior Architectural Drawings and FF&E underscore UBD’s comprehensive approach.

Beyond surface allure, UBD delves deeper, synergizing design aesthetics with practical functionality. The team meticulously dissects clients’ business models, chefs’ needs, and operational requirements, reverse-engineering designs to align seamlessly with the envisioned outcome.

Client involvement stands paramount in UBD’s ethos, with open communication fostering consensus in design, cost, time, and process. UBD’s commitment to client satisfaction is mirrored in its collaborative approach, ensuring every facet of design resonates harmoniously with the overarching concept.

As UBD Global’s narrative unfurls, the company emerges not merely as a design powerhouse, but as a partner sculpting the spaces where life’s stories unfold. Explore their transformative journey at https://ubdglobal.com, and witness firsthand how UBD paints life onto blank canvases, celebrating the unique spirit of every space, objective, and client.

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