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The Luxury Look




Interior Design Consultants for Residential and Commercial properties, Luxury Vacant and Occupied Home Staging, Turn-key Airbnb/Investment properties, Interior Styling, Corporate Space Branding and Coaching.

Beautiful, luxury spaces require planning, thought, creativity, and flair to achieve the classic looks and chic style that is timeless or cutting edge.

The Luxury Look founder and CEO, Kristine Vowles, brings to the design table diverse backgrounds that when combined offer beautifully designed spaces.

Kristine, a luxury real estate agent, has been involved in the industry in various capacities since 1986 selling homes in Arizona as well as Las Vegas. As a CFO, operations manager, consultant, trainer, and previous owner of several agencies, Kristine offers luxury connections and expertise that span the globe which she now taps into since her focus has shifted to Interior Design with the launch of The Luxury Look and the firm’s Design Studio located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The founder has created a one-of-a-kind luxury service business that caters to very successful and affluent homeowners and buyers throughout the United States. The Luxury Look is well known for beautiful designs to live in, to work in, and or to sell.

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