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Company Name: HWCD

Selected CategoryLuxury Interior Design Studio

Country: China

Company Website: www.h-w-c-d.com

Brief Introduction:

HWCD, Harmony World Consultant & Design. We are a multinational design company, with a team in London, Shanghai and Barcelona, bringing together over 800 designers from around the world. Our design services focus on boutique hotels, luxury custom and high-end residential design.

Our team advantage is: from the specific project, based on creativity and feasibility, to carry out a comprehensive design consideration. We work with our clients to explore the characteristics of their projects, understand their expectations, and provide them with unique design solutions. Through in-depth analysis and research of the environment and space, and the relentless pursuit of innovative thinking and craftsmanship, our design is committed to providing the most intelligent solutions based on the project itself.


Responsible Manager’s name and contact details:

Erica Meng

Tel:86 18601692719


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