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Eva Interiors




In 2009, Eva Interiors was founded by Architect Seema Al Mansoory on the grounds of creating bespoke and exclusive interior design that was deeply-rooted in the culture and heritage of the region, and influenced by global trends in contemporary design. Since its foundation, Eva Interiors has continued to prove its success and excellent performance working on large-scale and residential projects that includes Palaces, Residential Villas, Commercial and Corporate offices. Consequently, this gained Eva Interiors its expertise in excellent craftsmanship and the delivery of exclusive and luxury designs. Eva Interiors is proud to be one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates with competitive advantage to understanding how to merge both classic and contemporary aesthetic in line with global interior industry styles, in delivering state-of-the-art design, luxury furniture, finishing materials and decorative accessories sourced from its many partnerships with key industry global leaders and factories in Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium and worldwide.

Today, Eva Interiors has expanded to include Eva Casa, Eva Designs, and Eva Projects. Eva Interiors is located in the UAE, with regional offices overlooking the entire UAE market. Since its inception, Eva Interiors has worked on leading luxury projects, and high-end designs that have gained international recognition.

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