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Dsn Intervention Indonesia




Dsn Intervention Indonesia has been operational for 10 years. The firm’s team has a passion to showcase manipulation and play of space and the materiality in their designs.

Design Intervention Indonesia is an emerging design and architecture company with extensive design and build portfolios ranging from residential to offices

The company was founded in 2011 by Ivan Wirasa Ersan and Harfhui Hoetama. With their extensive knowledge in architecture and interior design, the duo has entered the Indonesian design scene with the aim to push the boundaries of design while maintaining space effectiveness and incorporating clients’ aspirations and needs.

The firm has two design directors and a project director, each with their own dedicated teams of junior architects and drafters to ensure that the design is of the best quality and that delivery time deadlines are met.

Dsn’s winning project is Wabi – Sabi Restaurant, MD Place 12th Floor, Jakarta, Indonesia. The project was completed in December 2021, and the firm provided interior design services to the project.

The restaurant has a Japanese design style, and the inspiration came from the name, Wabi-Sabi, which means the appreciation of imperfection. They showcase a lot of cracks and imperfections in the restaurant design.

The inverted zen garden is a special feature and an important piece of their design, showcasing a strong sense of Japanese identity without making a bold statement.

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