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Yacht Shadow Blade by ALTER EGO Project Group




Category: Best Luxury Yacht Interior Design for Yacht Shadow Blade in Italy

ALTER EGO Project Group assemble the quintessence of private architecture in their work. Founded in 2002 by Julia D. Lantieri, also the group’s CEO, ALTER EGO Project Group strives to combine creative initiative with the world of luxury, and customer-focused service with technological know-how.

Yacht Shadow Blade was designed to resemble a spaceship – a yacht born for the future. The exterior of the boat, with its striking fluid forms, inspired the innovative interior design which is minimalistic and futuristic. Every effort is made to conserve energy, while ALTER EGO’s trademark comfort and luxury are certainly not neglected.

A key aspect of this creation was to transform space. Unlike other lavish yachts, Yacht Shadow Blade offers freedom, mobility, comfort, and functionality and, above all, preservation of nature and minimization of environmental impact.

Lighting plays a big role in this design and is integrated into the walls, the floor, and the furniture. Depending on the desired mood, the lights transform the mood and change the atmosphere like magic. The interior decoration features carbon fiber, aluminum, wood, and glass – all of which have been used in the most constructive way.

The project symbolizes changes and appeals to new generations of ambitious people who crave a breakthrough design and appreciate modern aesthetics. Its popularity is well-proven by a high demand for yachts of this style.

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