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Gallery Five Trading and Contracting



Gallery Five Trading & Contracting, a leading contracting and interior design firm in Qatar, is renowned for delivering sustainable and efficient solutions that embrace innovation, quality, and values. The company, with Pegasus Wong as group Chairman, has grown rapidly due to its dedication, professionalism, knowledge, skilled manpower, and stable resources. 

In 2023, Gallery Five achieved great recognition by winning a Luxury Lifestyle Award for Best Luxury Interior Visualization & Design for Signature Boutique Hotel in Qatar. 

Gallery Five’s mission is to provide a unique solution for their clients’ futures and their vision is to deliver sustainability, profitability, and performance for their clients, partners, and employees. They accomplish this through a wide range of services such as design, architecture, interior design, contracting, and fit-out projects, and they ensure that projects are kept on track and within budget. 

The team at Gallery Five prides itself on providing an exceptional customer experience with the highest level of service standards. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each project meets expectations with outstanding results that make an immediate positive impact on any space they work on. 

Gallery Five provides cutting-edge, tailored designs, and with each new project comes an opportunity to showcase their talent and bring innovative ideas into reality; making them one of the most sought-after firms in Qatar today. 

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